Facts about Best Home Treadmill That Will Make You Think Twice

Do you want to practice cardio exercises but you do not know how to? You open some videos on YouTube and follow some instructions, but they do not work at all. Do not give up because you still have another option. And the selection I want to show you are…investing fitness equipment, particularly home treadmill. How to find out the best home treadmill?

Identify kinds of home treadmill

When you see many treadmills available on the market, do you recognize that they have two main types? These are manual treadmills and motorized treadmills.

With a manual treadmill, you enable to fold it easy to store in any space. It is also not expensive, but you should pay more attention to use it carefully. And you could not change the incline undoubtedly.

For a motorized treadmill, it is not portable but it is still common when compared to a manual treadmill.

Most motorized treadmills support the user modify the speed and incline without much hassle. You just need to push a button during your workout session. People prefer using motorized treadmill than a manual one.

A home treadmill is also divided into three certain categories which are budget folding treadmills, folding treadmills, and non-folding treadmills.

Budget folding treadmills

Budget folding treadmills are affordable (in price) and they do not require more space. You enable to fold and store them in your suitable space. This feature is so convenient for all households.

However, the quality is one of the most important to figure out a good budget folding treadmill.  In general, these do not provide new-technology features like chest strap and heart-rate monitor. All of them are also made from light materials.


  •    Hefty price
  •    Foldable model (so you can save space and clean it easily)
  •    Suitable for users require walking and jogging workout programs


  •    Not endurable
  •    Not ideal for tall users
  •    Less weight capacity

Folding Treadmills

The first point you will love these is they provide more features than budget folding treadmills. Most prior buyers agree with this point as compared to other treadmills.

Of course, they are the foldable model so that you can get them smaller when not in use. They also have extra state-of-the-art features such as Bluetooth, Warless, chest strap, heart-rate monitor, etc.

For those who love hi-tech, they cannot miss out the folding treadmills!


  •        Foldable fitness equipment
  •        More affordable price than budget folding treadmills
  •        Provided more high-end features
  •        Long period of warranty time
  •        Good choice for runners and other athletes
  •        Wide running space


  •        Heavy and bulky motor
  •        Quite expensive
  •        Not easy to fold

Non-folding treadmills

Next time, if your budget allows you to improve higher workout equipment, then you should go with non-folding treadmills. They are much more excellent quality with modern features. They also have solid frame and deck.

A big running space will make you feel comfortable and interested in while practicing. Additionally, the weight sustainability is higher than folding treadmills and budget folding treadmills. These are reasons why gyms, hotels, clubhouses are available for non-folding treadmills.


  •        Perfection option for runners (especially for advanced athletes)
  •        High-end features
  •        Sturdy frame
  •        Suitable model for diverse using like clubhouse, gym centers, etc.


  •        A bit expensive
  •        Difficult folding

How to choose the best home treadmills?

Endurance level

Study how long all moving parts of a home treadmill last before purchasing is important. I am pretty sure you do not want to be a victim of having a bad home machine with everything is falling apart.

You know, when a part is broken, you have to replace another. And it is a nightmare to buy a new one all the time! Well, the replacement cost sometimes is higher than a new home treadmill.

Its trade value

Why should you look for the trade value instead of focusing on the price tag? This is because you will need to sell it later when not in use for a while or sometimes…you invest in a wrong machine and you want to sell it to find another one. When a treadmill is being bought, it requires having high trade value to keep it for long-term time. On the flip side, it also proves its quality.

Reputation level of a manufacturer

This point always is important to stay focused on; especially when you have to buy a product with lots of bucks like a home treadmill.

Do a small research by yourself by reading all information about a manufacturer and their history in the past.

Also, you should view all brands even if you do not buy these product lines. By doing this, you will have a clear mind and a general background.

Take time to do this and you will realize that it is a worthy task for a true product. Do not make a big whole wallet and a large excuse at the same time! So, wear your glasses and do your homework…

Perhaps, I share all my experiences when selecting a home treadmill. In a nutshell, make your clear mind first before shopping!

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