In-depth Car Power Inverters

I know you want to find out best car battery charger for your battery immediately. This is a hurry feeling that a car owner often gets when the car battery placement time is coming. However, you should have a solid understanding of the battery charger and the story behind. And one of the most common place points is the car power inverters. Have you ever heard these?

About the car power inverters

Before you ought to know what a car power inverter is, it is necessary to understand the difference from AC to DC power. Basically, AC power is what you need to get out of the outlets at your house while DC power is everything you get out of batteries.

As car batteries offer DC voltage and most of the consumer electronics run on AC, you should take a device as a car power inverter if you want to use AC devices.

With a car power inverter placed, you freely can get any electronic device from your house or office to plug it into your car. Then, you can drive it as usual with some caveats.

Some of the most relevant points to remember when you use an inverter in your cars such as the capacity of the car battery, rated output in the alternator, and output wattage of the inverter.

In fact, the electrical system in your car may put out a finite amount of power only. The battery also enables to offer so much before it goes dead. All of these factors can become crucial parts in deciding which devices could be used as a car power inverter on the road.

The function of a car inverter

Inverters work by using a unidirectional DC power source to imitate an alternating current (AC) power source. Electronic inverters are fundamentally oscillators which quickly switch the polarity of the DC power source. This probably makes a square wave.

Who should use a car inverter?

For those who take lots of time on the road can get benefit from some kind of inverter. These gadgets are truly helpful on long road trips like camping or traveling from states to states for business, and other similar applications.

Some tools like cellular phones and computers could be used with 12v attachments. These instantly plug into a cigarette lighter or accessory jacks. Nonetheless, any type of electronic device which needs an AC input calls for an inverter. Here are a few devices which you enable to run off a car inverter:

  • TVs
  • DVD and Bluray players
  • Game systems
  • Catalytic heaters
  • Cooking equipment
  • Power tools

2 main different types of car inverter

You may see several car inverters on the market, but the 2 certain categories which you will find in automotive applications are

Modified sine wave

Modified sine wave inverters generate a sine wave to circulate for most consumer electronics. They can work well on different applications.

Pure sine wave

These inverters are more expensive, but they can produce a good sine wave which is closer to the AC power.

Generally speaking, some devices ought to fail to exactly work without a stable motion like uninterruptible power.

Most consumer electronics will work fine without getting one. If you are worried, you will need to check with the manufacturer of your device before buying pure sine wave inverters.

How could car inverter connect?

To hook up, an inverter needs to connect to the car battery in some specific ways. Some of the most popular configurations are:

  • Fuse panel
  • Direct to battery
  • Cigarette lighter
  • 12v accessory socket

The simplest way to “wake up” an inverter is to plug it into the cigarette lighter or another 12v accessory socket, but they have some limitations to that kind of setup.

There are some other elements link to the cigarette lighter or accessory circuit, there is an intrinsic limitation on what kind of devices could be connected to the inverter. These hookup inverters can produce around 10 amp draw.

In heavier applications, the inverter should be connected to the fuse panel or straightly to the battery.

Some fuse panels also contain empty slots in which an inverter could be installed which probably give a dedicated circuit to the tool.

In some situations, the inverter enables to directly connect to the battery with one in-line fuse only. Some can use lots of fuse types to evade a possibly hazardous circumstance.

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Additional information

When most vehicles are not completely made with inverters, it is extremely important to prevent overtaxing the system.

One necessary factor to take into account is the capacity of the battery. If an inverter is used when your car is not running, it will consume the battery in the blink of an eye!

Some vehicles still have enough space under the hood for an extra battery. These will cut down the impact of using an inverter when the car is not starting, but it is not a good option at all.

When using a car inverter in the case of starting the car will permit the alternator to hold the battery topped up, it is practical to evade overstressing the alternator. This is because alternators are made to give enough energy to run all inside electronics in a vehicle and keep the battery is charging. They could not have enough extra power to run a powerful inverter.

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