How to choose the Best Glock Night Sights?

To enhance the effect of each glock shoot at night, the shooters often bring a useful accessories called  Glock night sights. All of them, to light up stronger in the dark, are used tritium or fiber optics. While glock is the favorite of many people, its partner – glock sights seem to be more complicated with variety of choices from some companies as Trijicon, Meprolight, Ameriqlo. The question for your overnight trip is that how to choose the best glock night sights in a series of selections. You can find out the individual functions in each glock sights. However, thanks to a usual design, many sights can fit immediately into several models of gun.

There are 3 glock night sights:

The I Dot Sights: Drawn a line from the back site under the notch to the dot in the front of the glock, the I Dot Sight is made to the line with your prey placed in the center of the dot.

The 2 Dot Sights: Aim to the prey very fast with a larger dot. The 2 Dot setup show you a small dot on the back sight under the rabbet. The other one is in the front with bigger size and lighter looking.

The 3 Dot Setup: With the short guns offer 3 dot sights, its suitable night sights are equipped tritium or fiber optics or both of them. The first and second dots appear in the back and the rest one is in the front of gun.

Chose best glock sights from your demand:

The first thing you should know is about what you wait for? Do you need the sights to practice your shoot? Do you want glock sights as accessories for your weapon? Or just for defending aim? Basing on your target, you can do the right choice by referring below guide:

Depending on your demand, you need to care about:

  • Colored dot of sights.
  • Low profile sights.
  • All rear sights.
  • The night sights including fiber optics, other lights…

Your choice need to be proper with the impersonal elements such as wind, temperature, speed, and other environment influence. They can be your advantage or disadvantage situation.

In conclusion, there are 5 things you should know to buy a best glock night sight:

  1. Front Sight Option: In the forest of glock sights, let’s focus on the undercut aim sights and ramps. Almost night sights in the market provides a semi-ramp profile, which is the best way to diminish the obstacles either plain or notched.
  2. Front Sight Amplitude and Height: While the sight height can choose basing on the shot point, the width makes an impaction to the speed and exactness of the shots. With longer distance to the aim, it will be less advantage if using a wider glock sight. The most recommended width is 125’’ for ideal speed and exactitude.
  3. Back Sight: The favorite sight of standard is The 2 Dot Sights. They often bring shooters the nice shots thanks to the ideal line of two dots in back and front. These kind of sights remain tritium dots or drawn dots.
  4. Tritium or Fiber Optics: As mentioned above, almost of glock night sights is produced with tritium or fiber optics or both of them. While tritium is suitable for dark condition, fiber optic give shooter a – red – dot, which help you aim your gun to targets more correct than ever though it is too bright or too dark. It means that, the glock sights with fiber optic can serve you in aphotic condition and over bright as well. But thing you should know is that the tritium-sights is greater in use if you want a glock sights for nighttime only. Its minus point is life-span. You must change to another glock night sight after ten years identifying yourself with it.
  5. Plain Black: A perfect choice for practice demand because the plain back is just a common glock sight to aim to stabile background. In other side, it can be not good enough to setup with your shots in the conditions of inconstant background.

Chose best glock sights basing on target distance:

Let’s estimate the distance to your aim, then choosing your right glock sight:

  1. Short Distance: The sights for short distance target is often used in the case of home-defense. A night sight for home-defense need to be easily possible for amateurs when they raise their hands to aim to quarry. These characteristics are often found out in “The I Dot Sights”.
  2. Short to medium distance: Beside of choosing “The I Dot Sights”, you can look around with “The 3 dot sights”. Some of them offers square notched back glock sights. With this kind of sight, you can use for defensing at home or other taks sometimes.
  3. Medium to long distance: Your options are “The 2 Dot Sights” and “3 Dot Sights”. Another referring is The Sight Ledge that is also active both day and night. These sights can help you aim the objectives at a gap of 18.5 meters. Although they have a little bit of expensive, they still satisfy you by their available qualities at the end.
  4. Long Distance: To help your shoots in a difficult conditions such as dark spaces, circa 45 meter gaps, you can select the brothers of 2-Dot Sight and 3-Dot Sight. But the important thing is that you need to be a profession to conquer the challenging conditions.

Chose glock night sights basing on your budget:

  • Saving your budget: You can believe that almost of time, the low-cost night sights do their right functions. About the Chinese products, even when it fails with a so small probability, you should better ignore them. Some of them can have problem with the back site that cannot be installed though the front is fit to the gun.
  • Quality sights with higher price: You will be highly recommended to choose the sights in this market. They can do right way of glock night sights. Some high-end products can make you safe with very accurate running.

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