How to Play the Ukulele

If you are going to play a musical instrument around 1 month, then you could select the Ukulele. In the Ukulele, you will master three chords and you will impress your friends with an unforced explode of a song.

Buy a ukulele first

Of course, you need to buy a ukulele first, to begin with the playing. I am sure that you will look for the best ukulele brand in the first place. It is not wrong, but you should also consider other factors such as price, size, type, and so on.

A soprano ukulele is probably the most popular size of the ukulele and most novices can try to play.

I highly recommend the geared tuning pegs which stick out of the side of the ukulele first. Then, you can try another thing of the ukulele which is the friction pegs in the back of the instrument.

The geared pegs are much easier to handle than the other one. In other words, you should also learn how to control the ukulele after purchasing.

Begin with the three basic notes

Getting your ukulele in tune is extremely crucial because if you skip this part, the sound of the ukulele will be terrible. And you will not have the inspiration to continue the playing process anymore. You will give up! Thus, you should draw attention to this point.

Typically, there are several ways to tune a ukulele up and the most popular tuning is GCEA. The string closest to your nose is tuned to a G note which the one place in the above middle C. Then, you should move away from your nose to tune the E and the A note.

To tune each string, you should bend the tuning peg which the string is attached to. Tightening the string will take the note increases while lose it will make the note turns down. Imagine that you twang a rubber band or something like that.

You should select an electronic tuner which is available at any music instrument shop nowadays. You clip it onto the head of the ukulele and you can feel the string when you pick off in tune.

If your ukulele has friction pegs only, then you could find the screws in the back of the pegs and you also need to tighten and stop the strings from slipping. You should take a screwdriver and narrow them in order to twist the peg and firmly stays in the right place when you start playing.

Please keep in mind that all ukuleles go out of tune, so if you hear something wrong in the sound, you need to check your tuning again.

Play it now!

If the right hand is yours, you should keep the neck of the ukulele by your left hand to strum the strings with your right.

Similarly, if you are left-handed, remain the neck with your right hand and strum with the left hand.

You can sit down to play or stand up and tuck the body of the ukulele under your forearm.

Also, you should take your right forefinger and touch it across the strings. This should be sound great. In fact, you have played your first chord only which is called an “A Minor 7th”, so you ought to feel happy with yourself for the first time.

Some gurus do not agree with the thing that other players use a plectrum. Generally, these are who love to hang their ukuleles on the wall and they do not play the instrument regularly. The truth is that you are able to use your fingers or a plectrum to play the ukulele.

In case you want to use a plectrum, you should take a hard guitar which is not a floppy plastic one because they can sound weird.

Consider the chord boxes

Using chord boxes is a good idea to improve your playing. Chord boxes can display you where you should put your fingers to create a chord. Additionally, the vertical lines show the strings and the horizontal lines express the frets.

If this does not work, you should place a finger on the third fret of the top A string which is the furthest ones from your nose. It is also called a C chord. If you compare this point to the chord box, it will work.

It would be better if you enable to learn how to use your third finger for this chord because it makes adjusting chords easier.

Eventually, this is a tremendous chord to identify because you are able to use it a lot during the playing time. Also, it is too easy to start.

Play on the beat

When you play music, it is necessary to play on the beat. Most common music has 4 main beats in every bar. This is the reason you should hear someone saying “A-one, 1-one, two, three, four” to count an interesting tune.


Selecting the ukulele to feel the strings and touch the music is a smart choice for those who want to begin with a musical instrument. You can learn how to beat, how control three basic notes and the price is reasonable. Go ahead with the ukulele now!

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